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Rescued Rover LLC

At Rescued Rover LLC, we know how important having a well-behaved dog is for a pleasant family dynamic. That is why we offer in-home dog training for dogs of any age, size, breed, and temperament in the Denver area. A trained dog is a dog that can travel with you, go on hiking or camping trips, and behave around family events. Denver dog trainer Shaina is dedicated to teaching you how to establish structure and consistent communication in your home so that you can enjoy your time with your companion. Her obedience program covers all of the basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, leave it, place and polite leash walking. If your dog has mild behavior or on-leash aggression issues, Shaina has a toolbox of options to help you gain control in your every day life. Using a multidimensional approach to dog training, Shaina will help you on your Denver dog training journey.


“We hired Shaina to help train our puppy, and we were beyond satisfied!! She was amazing with our dog, and was so patient with our kids in teaching them how to train her. We later took a puppy class at Petsmart for socialization, and our puppy was the ‘star” of the class because she knew all the tricks thanks to Shaina! I highly recommend her!”  – Jody L., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Shaina and her German Shepherd Versailles showing in obedience.

If you would like to book or have any general questions or concerns about your Denver area dog training options, please contact Shaina directly at rescuedrover@gmail.com or 720-50-ROVER.

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